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About Urban Habitat Farm Store

Urban Habitat has designed over 200 habitats within the urban corridor, helping to beautify South Florida and connect native populations of endangered plant and animal species.

12302 NE 13th Avenue

North Miami, FL 33161

Open Daily, 11 AM - 5:30 PM


We design and install wildlife areas throughout Southeast Florida in order to create habitats in urban environments to sustain species of plants and animals that otherwise face extinction.

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Urban Habitat creates habitats in urban environments to sustain species of plants and wildlife that otherwise face extinction.  We specialize in rare and endangered species and biodiversity in all residential, commercial and municipal   landscapes. 

Located at 12302 NE 13 Avenue in North Miami, the Urban Habitat Farm Store specializes rare, native and sustainable, low-maintenance landscape plants that attract natural wildlife and are suited for growing in South Florida.